It's really simple

The entire process, from registration to speaking with a vet, takes just a few seconds.

After registering as a member and completing the profile information on your pet(s), you can reach a vet through video conferencing or text immediately. Our goal is to make it really simple to connect with a licensed veterinarian whenever and wherever you have a health concern about your pet.

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Help us get to know your pet

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Help us get to know you

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Start virtual visit

Meet your veterinarian and begin the journey to your pet feeling better.

Memberships cost just $12.95/mo.  Cancel anytime. Members save an average of $160 when they can avoid a vet visit.

Talk to a veterinarian in seconds.

Calling a Vet

Once you’re connected through a cellular device or desktop computer, a licensed Veterinarian can provide health advice for your pet’s condition, and if there’s something visual you want to show the Vet, you can do that through the video connection. is the best and most affordable way to quickly connect with a Vet when you’re not able to get into a clinic.

Still have questions?

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