"As a Veterinarian, it was impossible for me to be available 24/7. So we created Pet Vet Hotline™, and now we have over 100 Veterinarians on call 24/7."
-Dr. Scott - Founder, Pet Vet Hotline
Dr. Scott

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Memberships start at just $12.95/mo.  Cancel anytime. Members save an average of $160 when they can avoid a vet visit.

Talk to a veterinarian in seconds.

Sometimes emergency vet visits happen. Make sure you can afford them with Pet Vet Hotline™.

Cover up to 6 petsStart Saving! Avoid the cost of an unnecessary vet visit.

Get up to $3,000 a year to cover one emergency vet bill

Pay $0 out of pocket and use your fund at any vet

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Domestic Shorthair Cat
12-year-old, spayed female
Vet Bill
Exam - Consultation
Hospitalization - Level 2 ICU
IV Fluids / Shift
Total for Luna
Paid by PetVet

Pet Owners ❤️ Pet Vet Hotline™

Over 500k happy pet owners
Available 24/7, anywhere you are
Unlimited video calls & texts
Over 100 licensed veterinarians on-call ready to help
No appointments or wait times
Access experienced, licensed veterinarians at your convenience. Other telehealth companies hire "pet professionals" which may not be licensed veterinary doctors.
Talk to a veterinarian in seconds.

When your vet isn’t available, we are.

Ask us about anything concerning your pet.
Get trusted, independent second opinions.
Understand your pet’s behavior better.
Breathe easier knowing we have your pet's back.
Avoid the cost of an unnecessary vet visit.
Talk to a veterinarian in seconds.

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