Our mission is simple

Create healthier pets and happier homes by providing pet parents access to veterinarians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We Get It

We know it can be difficult to get an immediate appointment with your primary veterinarian, especially after hours and on the weekends. We created this service to provide quick and affordable access to veterinarians so you can connect with an experienced, licensed professional whenever you need to.

Our primary service is to provide convenient vet care to pet parents, but we form unique partnerships with other pet-related businesses as well, such as veterinarian clinics, shelters/rescues, groomers, trainers and retailers.

Meet Dr. Scott

Pet Vet Hotline was founded by Dr. Scott Swetnam, a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with more than 25 years of experience. He has treated over 100,000 pets and spent 15 years as an owner of multiple veterinarian practices. A graduate of The Ohio State University’s prestigious College of Veterinary Medicine program, Dr. Scott is also a Society of Veterinary Medical Ethics board member and a past board member of the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. He is also "Fear Free" certified and has a post-degree certification in shelter medicine.

Dr. Scott, who’s been a pet parent to many cats and dogs throughout his entire life, has a passion for understanding the human-animal bond. This understanding was his motivation for starting the Pet Vet Hotline. He believes pets truly are family. Just like any family member, when you have a concern, you need quick and reliable access to professional medical advice.

“As a practicing Veterinarian, it was impossible for me to be available 24/7. So my goal was to create a service where pet parents can connect with a licensed veterinarian whenever and wherever they want. I wanted to make access easy and quick! When our pets don’t feel well, it creates stress and impacts the tight bond we have with them. When pets are happy and healthy, we thrive on their energy and affection, which has significant benefits to us humans.”

Interested in partnering with us?

We form partnerships within the veterinarian industry. Learn more about our partnership opportunities.