Premium Membership

$19.95per month
Unlimited 24/7 Veterinarian Access
Full Access - Video or Text
Covers up to 6 Family Pets
$3000 Emergency Event Coverage Fund
Premium Memberships For Only $19.95/month

Do you have $3000 saved for an emergency vet bill?

If not, a Premium Membership for just $19.95/month gives you 24/7 access to the Vet Hotline and a $3,000 Emergency Event Coverage Fund.

What is the Emergency Vet Protection Coverage?

Provides $3,000 a year for one emergency vet bill
Covers up to 6 pets, even with pre-existing conditions
Pay $0 out-of-pocket and use your fund at a vet clinic of your choice

What sets us apart?

(From regular pet insurance)
No pre-qualifying necessary
Quick and Easy sign up for a Premium Membership
24/7 unlimited access to a certified and experienced Vet
Vet bill is paid immediately to the Vet clinic of your choice at the time of emergency
No limitation on age or breed of your pet

Membership Guidelines

Emergency Vet Protection Coverage (EVPC)
There is a 14-day mandatory waiting period from the time of sign-up before the Emergency Event Coverage Funds become available for use.
Available for 1 of the 6 domestic pets, registered by pet parents.
Emergency Event Coverage Funds are available only if full or monthly continuous payments are made for the duration of the membership period.
When a life-threatening emergency happens before the end of your yearly membership, then Emergency Event Coverage Funds covering the rest of the membership fee will be deducted from the total Emergency Vet invoice at the time of payment to the Emergency Vet Clinic.
Emergency Event Coverage Funds are paid directly to the Emergency Vet Clinic by EVPM Administration once the final invoice from the clinic is received and verified.
All life-threatening emergencies have to be evaluated and referred by one of our qualified Vets following a video consultation.